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Friday, 16 March 2012

cara2 menambahkan ahli2 ataw invite rakan2 masuk skk

Add member in just 1click to this group..

* Make Sure You Are Using Firefox Or Google Chrome Browser.
* If You Dont Have Mozila Or Google Chrome Browser So Please Download It.
* Make Sure Bookmark Bar Is Visible. If Not Visible Then Go To Option > Show Bookmark Toolbar On Firefox.
* If You Are Using Google Chrome Then Press Shift+Ctrl+B Then Show Your Bookmark....
* click on the link showing .......

* Go To The Group Where You Want To Add Your Friends.
* Then Click On "Facebook Prince Bookmark"
* Wait Few Second.
* This Will Start Adding Your Friends In That Group.
* Thanks...

 SEE VIDEO.......~~~~~> 

sila ikuti step2 yang diajar di atas dan sebarang pertanyaan sila rujuk kepada admin group scandal kedai kopi

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